TAX REPORT ITL It is made up of a multidisciplinary team of professionals specialized in the preparation and issuance of specific reports on tax matters.

  • Transfer Pricing Reports
  • Transfer Pricing Reports
  • Due Diligence fiscal


  • Procedures in economic-administrative and contentious-administrative channels
  • Specific reports on tax matters.
  • Other reports.

The objective of TAX REPORT ITL is to offer the necessary collaboration in order to achieve compliance with tax obligations in the various previously specified matters.

As of 2009, and after the entry into force of the regulations that regulate “related-party transactions and transfer prices”, our work has focused mainly on this matter, collaborating with different business groups in the preparation of the documentation required by the Corporation Tax Law (article 18) and its implementing regulations.

volume_up 244 / 5000 Resultados de traducción After the entry into force of Law 36/2006, of November 29, on measures for the prevention of tax fraud, and with effect from 12/1/2006, commercial companies are obliged to assess all transactions between parties related to valor de mercado. Therefore, from that date, every company or group of companies should be able to accredit the market value of all the transactions carried out between related parties during each tax period.

The required documentation has been modeled and moderated throughout these years until the publication of Law 27/2014 and its regulation (RD 634/2015) that regulates the current regulatory framework, and that establishes that the documentation must be available of the Tax Administration from the end of the voluntary declaration or settlement period, which, for example, for entities with a fiscal year that coincides with the calendar year, the reference date is July 25 of the following year.

Our work focuses on facilitating compliance with the obligations in this matter in order to avoid that, derived from their lack, the business groups, both national and international, with which we collaborate are subjected to sanctioning procedures in tax matters that, in this case and being specific, it has important economic consequences. For it:

1) We analyze and advise the client regarding the operations carried out within the group of people and related entities. uladas.

2) We collaborate in setting the transfer pricing policy of the business groups

3) We document and prepare, where appropriate, the MASTER FILE and the SPECIFICthat cme from the different companies of the group.


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