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Let us help you to value the operations at the market price

How do we help the customer?

With the aim of preserving the accounting principles, which lead to obtaining a true image of the financial statements, the accounting and tax regulations establish the obligation to value the commercial operations that occurred between entities linked to the market price.Related-party transactions are those that are carried out between entities and / or persons whose particular interests could cause certain purchase / sale operations and / or services to be carried out at a price different from the usual one in the market.

Therefore, these extremes should be delimited:

  • What are the operations carried out by a company during a financial year.
  • Who are the parties involved in the operations and how they are linked.
  • What is the market value of the operations carried out between them.

And these extremes must be included in an annual report that the company must have at the disposal of the Tax Administration.

  • Customer as final consumer

From Tax Report ITL, we take care of preparing all this documentation for the company, establishing the perimeter of connection of the participating companies, exposing the criteria used by the companies to set the prices of these operations and comparing them with market prices. In addition, we take care of updating it annually and, where appropriate, defending it before the Tax Inspection.

  • Advice as an associate of Tax Report ITL

One of the mainstays of the Tax Report ITL philosophy lies in the conviction that professional networking allows to contribute to the specialization of medium and small tax offices, offering complementary services necessary for its clients and thus maintaining the level of quality that they constantly demand of you.

The decrease in the volume of current economic activity, leads firms that traditionally did not have focused their objectives on a certain segment of clients, begin to offer their services to a larger group of taxpayers, taking advantage of the opportunity to offer the other services that they usually provide. .

Against this background, Tax Report ITL offers its services focused on the documentation of related-party transactions, with full respect for the traditional advisors of each company, with their own means and with a high technical level, thus contributing to the Client complies with legal requirements and increases their satisfaction in relation to the advice received.


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